Bristol UWE Fine Art BA
Swansea Metropolitain University Foundation Arts & Design


2023 ”Farewell, Tor", All Hallows-on-the-Wall, City of London
2023 Club Silencio, Brighton
2023 Piñata Play, Set Social, Clapham
2023 Roam Launch Party, All Hallows-on-the-Wall, London
2023 "Farewell, Tor", Blundabus, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Edinburgh
2023 "Farewell, Tor", Bread & Roses, Clapham
2023 "Farewell, Tor", Fforest Gather Festival, Cardigan
2023 Bean Pig Puppets, Brighton Fringe Festival, Brighton
2023 Club Silencio, Brighton Fringe Festival, Brighton
2023 (Grove & Biped Support), Bristol
2022 Brizzle Boyz, Lost Horizon, Bristol
2022 Conqueer, Strange Brew, Bristol
2022 Hot Boys Bath House, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Edinburgh
2022 Modern Queers Launch Party, Bristol
2022 The Sam Hickman Variety Hour, Sherman Theatre, Cardiff
2022 Bean Pig Puppets, Brighton Fringe Festival, Brighton
2022 Queer Dinners, The Watershed, Bristol
2021 Reestablishing Connections, Palace Film Festival, Bristol
2020 Milk March, D Unit, Bristol
2019 Witch Please, The Cube Microplex, Bristol
2018 TOLDO, Brunswick Club, Bristol
2018 Thorny, Thekla, Bristol
2018 RUNG, Trinity Centre, Bristol
2017 The End Is By Yur, Elysium Gallery, Swansea
2017 Mish Mash, The Island, Bristol


2023 OOPARTS, St. Anne's House, Bristol
2023 OOPARTS, Elysium Gallery, Swansea
2021 Cardiff Umbrella, Cardiff
2021 Cultvr Lab, Cardiff
2020 Lone Worlds, The Sustainable Studio, Cardiff
2016 Cruising, The Edwardian Cloakrooms, Bristol
2016 Do With It What You Will, The CentreSpace Gallery, Bristol
2016 Parallels, The Island, Bristol
2015 Special Blend ArtLacuna, Battersea

2023 ‘Roam’ magazine - article contributor
2023 ‘Skinny’ Magazine - Interview for Farewell, Tor
2022 ‘Jenny’, Tom Marshman - Set Design, Gloucester Guild Hall
2022 ‘What Have You Lost’ - Costumier, the Cube Microplex, Bristol
2022 ‘Swallow’, Sarahsson - Writer and Performer, The Horgenaith
2021 ‘Contemporary Cymru’ journal - featured artist
2018 ‘RUNG’ arts magazine issue #1 - contributor


2023 Heritage and Archiving costume workshop, University of the West of England
2022 Costume Workshop, Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig, Germany
2021 Heritage and Archiving costume workshop, Bricks, St. Anne’s House, Bristol
2021 Queer School of Live Art, In Between Time Festival, Bristol
2018 Transmutation & Folklore, Spike Island, Bristol
2018 Pride is a Protest banner making workshops, Bristol


2023 Writing Residency, Etamps, France
2022 Get Qweird, Bristol