In collaboration with London-based actor Ozzy Algar, PLAGUE STONE PARTY theatre company is a comedy folk-revival collective, with a focus on the retelling of Celtic mythology through a contemporary Queer lens.

PLAGUE STONE PARTY completed their UK tour summer 2023 and sell-out shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with their debut production: Farewell, Tor.

Along the way, these Queer-as-Folk yarns have been shared in Fforest Gather Festival in Cardigan Bay, the Cube Microplex in Bristol, All-Hallows-on-the-Wall (right on top of the ancient Roman London wall) at the launch of Roam Magazine, and at the heart of experimental live comedy: The Magical SpiegelYurt at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Whilst amassing a small cult following amongst the world of alternative folk fans and the growing niche of queer paganism, they're on a mission to capture the magic in a clash of Celtic folktales and the hedonistic ritual-of-the-rave. PLAGUE STONE PARTY are here to retell some of the wonderfully weirdest legends the Ireland and Wales ever spat out of their ancient caves.

"Magnetic, Brilliant Performers"
- Stuart Warwick (director/writer)

"Comic timing is absolutely superb … you’ve got to see them"
- The Sinners Review

kaleidoscopic talent"
- Kez Cochrane, of Crack Magazine

"You can’t not love them -
made me feel like a gorgeous enchanted fairy girl"
-Alice Cockayne
(Soho Theatre, Underbelly)

"conceptual queer wonderment"
- Modern Queers Magazine