OOPARTs is a collaborative sculpture and performance project with artist Ben Hartley.

OOPARTs coordinates exhibitions, workshops, and community events about objects, how they act as vessels for the stories bestowed on them through folk tradition and shared playfulness, and their importance in the construction of heritage and identity. Using speculative futures and fictionalised Celtic artefacts, the project brings together imagined relics reinterpreted with scavenged things, demonstrating how these everyday objects and materials can become vessels for legend.

OOPARTs' birth was supported and made possible by Elysium Gallery, Swansea & Bricks Bristol.
noun (plural: OOPARTs)

Abbreviation: ‘Out of Place Artefacts’

Objects of historical, archaeological or cultural importance found in a location that challenges the established historical timeline. 
"Magnetic, Brilliant Performers"
- Stuart Warwick (director/writer)

★★★★ "Comic timing is absolutely superb … you’ve got to see them"
- The Sinners Review

"Shapeshifting, kaleidoscopic talent"
- Kez Cochrane (of Crack Magazine)
In collaboration with London-based actor Ozzy Algar, PLAGUE STONE PARTY theatre company is a comedy folk-revival collective, with a focus on the retelling of Celtic mythology through a contemporary Queer lens.